Coaches or Administrators


120 Minute Session - 4 or more coaches

Introduction - What is Fearless Coaching? Intro - who are we as coaches, what are our objectives and how do they match up with our institutional mission. Steps to beginning the journey in becoming fearless. Discussion and gauge to audience that will assist in understanding the needs of the group. 

What do we need in order to feel Fearless? 

Communication - Team rules or standards analysis 

Clear boundaries you can refer to and are they supported by admin? 

Clear boundaries that are supported and created by the players 

Clear processes and understanding of who to go when you are dealing with a tough athlete or parents 

Are we soliciting Fear-BASED coaching instead? What is Fear-based coaching and find out if we are subscribing to it. Solutions and strategies 

Acknowledging Challenges 

  • Athletes with short attention spans and insatiable need for immediacy 

  • An inability to adapt to change or sudden schedule adjustments 

   •  System that supports us as coaches, confidence in our skills and the ability to communicate

  • Communicating expectations and creating leaders in the team to support you 

  • Shifting focus from the coach being the center of consequences to athletes promoting accountability. 

  • Empowering players who may be too fearful to hold teammates of higher social influence accountable 

  • Institutional mission or leadership for athletics has changed or will change 

  • Determining if the mission has been communicated to the athletes and their role  

  • The “Classless System” - discussion 

  • Letter Template home - Incoming freshmen 

  • Promotion of dialogue with the coach and amongst the team 

  • How does a strong coach, coach a strong player?  

  • Giving your athletes choices, asking questions - The 5 minute conversation  

$1000 plus travel associated travel costs. We can work with any budget, please feel free to contact us on how. 

Coach to Coach Consultation

$50 per hour 

Support and consultation dealing with hostile work environment, discrimination, disparaging treatment. This is not legal advice but a support system that can give you some tips on how to navigate and survive the hierarchy of unfair athletic practices. 




For your event

Interested in hosting a fearless coaching section at your next athletic event or conference? Looking for a socially relevant and refreshingly honest presentation topic? I can help you meet these goals.


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Dealing with some difficult team issues, player, culture or gender equity challenges? Contact me for ways to work through this issue without having to trade what is right for what is easy. Connect with us today and learn more about our workshop for your coaches or admins.


For Administrators

Are you an administrator wanting to support your coaches navigating the waters of this generation? Book the Fearless Coach to help improve morale within your coaching staff or with specific coaches. Let me provide assistance with the  unique challenges your coaches are experiencing day to day. Pricing here